Going Gaga for Halloween?

A Lady Gaga Halloween costume can be assembled from items found in the closet. (photo by Naomi Lir)
By Angela Marini
The traditional white-sheet ghost, ghouls, and goblins that can usually be found terrorizing the streets on Halloween will be hiding in fear this year, for Lady Gaga is taking over!

Lady Gaga wig
If you’re looking for an original and creative Halloween costume, stay away from impersonating the Queen of Original. Not only are Gaga impersonations are proving to be the No. 1 choice among Fitchburg State University students for Halloween this year, but there is also an entire costume line dedicated to mimicking her infamous outfits.
Jack Hoover, owner of Halloween Costume World in Fitchburg and an award winning costume creator, said that the most popular costume trends this year are Mario and Luigi, and Lady Gaga. He also said that iconic staples such as the Wizard of Oz, Freddy and Jason have been extremely popular in the past.
But if you ask around Fitchburg State, you won’t find very many iconic costumes this year – unless you count Lady Gaga as iconic.
Senior Brittnee Guelbart says that she plans on dressing up as Lady Gaga this Halloween, “possibly in the meat outfit,” although she doesn’t plan on using real meat for her costume like Gaga did.
Victoria Rose, also a senior at Fitchburg State, plans on dressing up as Gaga as well, and is even attending a Gaga-themed Halloween party.
“I feel like there are going to be a lot of Gagas and Jersey Shore outfits this year,” Rose said. Guelbart and senior Lindsay Lafortune agree. However, Lafortune plans on breaking the mold of Gagas and dressing instead as a member of Comcast’s famous turtle family, the Slowskys.
Guelbart, Rose, and Lafortune all agreed that last year’s most popular costume was Alice from Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.”
Arlyn Murphy, a junior at Fitchburg State, says she has no interest whatsoever in dressing up as Lady Gaga. “I hate Gaga,” says Murphy. “I don’t know why anyone would want to dress like her.”
Unfortunately for non-Gaga fans like Murphy, it won’t matter if you love or hate Gaga this Oct. 31, because she will be everywhere.
It almost makes one question whether this year’s Halloween will turn into National Gaga Appreciation Day!