Meet The New Staff!

by: Nate Thomas
Every semester, The Point gets a makeover, and an almost complete re-haul of who is on the staff. Usually, The Point uses stories from the Journalism classes as content, but for only the second time ever, The Point will be using almost all original content.
This is no small feat. To accomplish this, we need a great team of writers and editors, all willing to sacrifice their time to make this “paper” come together. Sacrificing their time that they could be using to have lives, to write, edit, take pictures, go to events they wouldn’t usually go to, and have to deal with my weirdness twice a week.
I wanted to make sure that my staff were recognized, so, for the first time ever, we have individual writer bio pages. Each page, has a picture of the staff member, a short bio, and a list of the articles they have worked on.
To find these pages, either go to the “Writers” page (in the top menu), or search a writers’ name in the search bar, also above.