So You Think You Know: Freshman

By: Jon Munroe
Thoughts are swimming through your head. Words like parties, sex, alcohol, and drugs surface. Movies such as “Accepted”, and any “Van Wilder” or “American Pie” film ever made start to merge and intertwine with what you were told by your high school guidance counselors. You don’t know what to expect walking onto the Fitchburg State Campus, but one word comes to mind: anxious.
As a freshman the first step into assimilation of the school is to attempt to find all your classes, and the different buildings, and get lost in your attempt. Luckily this campus is not as large as UMass Amherst or UMass Dartmouth (even though the walk from McKay to Hammond will feel like you are walking a mini marathon). You may hear snickers or laughs from the upperclassman as you stand in the center of the Quad desperately looking for names of buildings that may or may not be there to guide you. While the upperclassmen share a good laugh at the expense of these freshmen they are always more than happy to lend a hand if asked. This can be the first lesson that should be learned: Help is always there, you just need to grow the confidence to ask for it.
Nicholas Graves, a second semester freshman, helped to shed some light on what it was like as a freshman on today’s campus. We shared a good laugh when we both acknowledged what we called the freshman marker: The Lanyard. Anyone who has spent more than a semester on the Fitchburg State campus knows exactly what we are talking about.
During our conversation Nichola,s raved about what he believed was the best part of Fitchburg State University; the acceptance and freedom it gives him. Nicholas enlightens us when he says: “I can do what I want, for the most part, without the fear of being judged like I would in high school. Even when asking for help I don’t feel stupid because no one judges me”
After discussing with multiple other second semester freshman what it is like to be here at Fitchburg State, there was a wildly popular vote that the help of the staff was very apparent. Each one had something nice to say about the staff. After talking with two freshman who are military veteran’s, they raved about one staff member in particular; Jacqueline Guittar, our resident veteran certifying official. While working with financial aid and admissions can be difficult, Jacqueline made it easy to make the right decisions and get the aid they were looking for.
Fitchburg State is a great college to be a part of and it seems that the Freshman would agree. What would it be like next year? What is it like to be a an adult as a Freshman or even a veteran. Look for more “So You Think You Know” every week.