What to Expect at This Year’s Oscars – by Kevin Vickery

        This year’s Oscars are just days away and the two most nominated movies, “The Revenant”, and“Mad Max Fury Road” are both expected to win multiple awards. Will this finally be the year that Leonardo DiCaprio takes home a piece of hardware? Or is he headed for another disappointment?  
“The Revenant” directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu is about Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) an early 1800’s mountain man who is viciously attacked by a bear and left for dead by one of his close allies John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy).  The freezing cold conditions and lack of CGI definitely made this one of the toughest movies to film this year but was it good enough to finally win Leo the most important Trophy of them all?
        Chris rock will be hosting this year’s show and should not disappoint. Rock has hosted before, in 2005. He has also not said much of anything to anyone of his plans for the show which should make for some good surprises. This year’s show should go smoothly and has a very good chance to be entertaining with Rock hosting it and should not disappoint.  
This year’s nominations come with a lot of controversy, such as the lack of diversity. Not a single black actor or black director was nominated for an award.  Even one of this years best films “Straight Outta Compton” received no nominations.  This lack of diversity is a serious problem and can not be ignored at this year’s Oscars, and it is about time that Hollywoood stops getting a pass on this issue.