Local Representatives Debate For Your Vote

By Richard Leonard
Fitchburg State held a state representative debate between councilmen, Stephen Hay and Dean Tran, Monday night.  
Both councilmen came out last week to win the support from the people of Fitchburg State and the surrounding areas, as each of them looks to fill the vacant state representative seat, formerly held by Stephen DiNatale.
DiNatale, a Fitchburg Democrat who has served in the state House of Representative for almost a  decade, was elected Mayor late year, leaving his former position up for grabs.
The debate for DiNatales position took place at Kent hall, located in the Conlon Fine Arts building on North Street.
The event was held for both parties to speak on what they could bring to the Fitchburg/Lunenburg area. Both men brought strong, respectable outlooks on how they could impact the position positively.
Councilman Tran, had conservative views, with high interest in making sure that the school systems were a main priority. “I would go to boston to make sure that the legislature that we have has the correct budgeted money for our school systems.
On the other hand, Stephan Hay had moderate liberal views on what he seeked. “I’m more interested in working on the local education system and further expand it”, said Hay. He also proposed the idea of a charter school as a potential for the Fitchburg area.
After the event, Thomas Fisette, sophomore senator of the student government association, as he gave an insight of his thoughts on the event. “Both men showed nothing but respect for one another. It’s not common that you see that at a political professional level”.
“The debate had no real fiery passion back and forth like you see on a national level of politics,” said Fisette. “The event had a respectable vibe that was sensed by students and members of the board in attendance. “
So this Tuesday, when you go to vote for the Presidential candidate, don’t forget to vote for your local representatives as well.