3rd Annual Dancing With The Staff

Written By: Brittany Bernadini
Fitchburg State staff dancing on stage with fellow students? Who doesn’t want to see that! FSU is hosting its annual “Dancing with the Staff” competition, March 24, 7pm in Weston Auditorium. Yes, it’s a play on “Dancing with the stars.”
What’s so great about this year? Improv club’s very own, president Tim Murphy, treasurer Nick Fredrick and infamous member Matt Lewis, will be hosting it! If you have never seen the three of these guys in action, then you better at this event or at an Improve show. They are all absolutely hilarious.
Not only do they have amazing hosts, but all ticket proceeds (2$) will go to Fitchburg State’s scholarship fund. It’s a great way to support your fellow staff and students!
This year there are 5 staff members, all paired with a dance club member, competing for a spot in this upcoming spring dance show.
Kristen Banks, the assistant director to admissions is partnered with senior Chris Monteforte.
“I’d like to think I’m a Michael Jackson expert, being such a big fan and all. But when it comes to the moves, I only know the basics. Chris has been such a wonderful coach and sport thus far in DWTS. Working as a student in admissions, he has had to put up with me asking if DTS was being offered this spring, and my begging to be a part of it since summer. Our practices have been a ton of fun! We make the best of using a Thompson classroom, sans mirrors. Can’t wait to bring our moves to the stage in a couple of weeks! The other competition should just ‘beat it.’”
Megan Carkin, Administrative assistant in the housing department, is partnered with Rachel Burke
“I personally love dance. I am always the first person on the dance floor at weddings/parties and I cannot resist a great song. I went into this experience knowing that it would be fun but nothing could have prepared me for just how incredible it has been. It has been an absolute BLAST  with Rachel. Not only is she talented and creative but her energy is infectious! We have had such a great time working together-I very much look forward to our rehearsals each week. We’ve shared many laughs as a team (…my lackluster leap and extra floppy ‘fish flop’ move to name two particularly humorous occasions)! Through it all Rachel always encouraged me to keep pushing, knowing that I would eventually get it! For two people who spin in opposite directions (I’m a lefty!) we sure make a fabulous (and dare I say gorgeous…) team!
DWTS is the most fun program I have participated in during my 5 years at Fitchburg State University. I accredit much of my experience to my phenomenal partner in crime, Rachel Burke!”
Kelly Lundgren, staff assistant in the President’s office, is partnered with Steph Dery
“I met Steph when she applied for Alternative Spring Break. She is a happy, full of spunk student, much like me when I was younger! She is sweet and super patient with me as I don’t know much about dancing. She always wants my input for any dance moves, and we giggle a LOT!!  I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime and my competitors better watch out because we are bringing the heat!”
Catherine Buell, assistant professor in the math department, is partnered with Christy Zwicker
“[Christy] is creative and so much fun. I love the dance she has put together so far and I think the audience is going to get a kick out of it as well.”
Kristen Helm Resident Director of Abachone, is partnered with Brittany Bernardini.
Audience members are encouraged to bring lots of change, as they will be putting change into a cup for their favorite dance number to give them an extra point towards victory. President Lapidus will be gracing the judging table!
All types of staff from around Fitchburg state are encouraged to reach out next year and give DWTS a try. Maybe one year the club can get President Lapidus involved! (Wouldn’t that be a riot.) With such fierce competition, it’s anyone’s game. So attend the show and find out who’s sick moves triumph over all.