Housing Selection: What You Need To Know

Written By: Joshua Hodges
Apartment Selection is already over, Suite Selection closes tonight at 6:00, and lottery numbers for Any Hall Selection come out tomorrow, March 25. The Point has important information you need to know.
Before students can begin to select rooms, it’s strongly advised that they request their roommates online, as the number of people in their group will determine which rooms are open for selection. That means that students with one linked roommate may only select from double occupancy rooms, and students in a trio may only select from triple occupancy rooms. Additionally, all roommate requests must be mutual. Resident students may request roommates online at MyHousing, which is accessible from their Web4 accounts.
When room selection starts, lottery numbers will be distributed to the students; these designate a specific time at which students may select their desired rooms. Each lottery number is selected at random, and group selections may only be made by one student among the entire group; in such cases, it’s advised that the student with the earliest selection time be designated this responsibility.
Once students have selected their housing options, they may only request a room change or room swap within one week following the conclusion of housing selection. Afterward, students are locked into their selections until two weeks into the fall semester. Students are advised by the Office Of Housing and Residential Services to plan accordingly.
Anyone seeking further information or with any questions may contact the Housing Office at 978-665-3219, or E-mail Associate Director Thomas Clark at [email protected]