Changes to Graduation: What's Wrong With Being Green?

Written By: Megan Brown
For seniors, the final days here at Fitchburg State are upon us. We walk the dorms for the final time, take our final classes, and say goodbye to those that we’ve stood with for the last 4 or so years.We are given our caps, tassels, and our gowns. However, there is something different about our gowns and what we will be sporting on one of the biggest days of our lives.
Unlike the years before, graduating students will not be wearing the notably green gowns, but rather everyone will have black gowns this year. Black gowns are “the university’s long standing tradition,” as stated in the Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony Information Booklet, but the green gowns have always set us apart. Green and Yellow are the colors of Fitchburg state and those that we have come here to grow with and love in our years here.
Depending what institution you are graduating from you will have a hood color from that institution. With white and Golden Yellow being the leading color of 10 of the institutions at Fitchburg State. Apricot is for Nursing, a color called “Drab” for  Business, and Light Blue for Technology and Education.
Green is how people know Fitchburg. I have owned more Green in my years here than ever in my life. Do they not like green anymore? Here’s to 37 more days in our no longer green, but black gowns, and a white hood for me personally. Let’s decorate those hats to show that we still have our pizazz! Let’s do this Seniors, we are so close!