The Elizabeth M. Haskins Mathematics Competition

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Left to Right: Considine, Booth, Hughson, Daisy, Perreault, Rasch, Warren, Pellizzari,Ferraro, and Duhamel

Written By: Michael “Boots” Osborn
On Friday, April 18th, Fitchburg State University’s mathematics department hosted the 36th annual Elizabeth M. Haskins Mathematics Contest. 14 high schools attended for the contest including Athol, Broomfield, Clinton, Fitchburg, Gardner, Greater Lowell Technical, Groton Dunstable, Leominster, Monty Tech, Narragansett Regional, Nashoba Regional, Nashoba Valley Technical, Oakmont Regional, and Sizer High School.
Around 400 Sophomores through Seniors tested for an hour and a half, starting at 9:00 a.m.. The Sophomores tested in Kent Recital Hall and the Juniors and Seniors tested in Weston Auditorium. The test consists of 50 problems varying in difficulty and  type. All participants must be seated while they bubble in their sheets on the wooden boards they are received at the start of the test. Scores are counted by the number of correct answers (out of 50), and .25 points were deducted for incorrect answers.
After the test completed, all the students had lunch at Daka (Holmes Dining Hall) and then reconvened in Weston Auditorium. The top 15 percent in each class were given honorable mentions and the top three people in each class received a blaque. The sophomore honorable mentions ranged from 18.25 to 24.5. The junior honorable mentions ranged from 18.0 to 28.9 The senior honorable mentions ranged from 21.0 to 31.75.
Grade 10:
Third Place: Sydney Considine (Groton Dunstable) with a score of 26.5
Second Place: William Hughson (Groton Dunstable) with a score of 29.5
First Place: Jacob Booth (Groton Dunstable) with a score of 32.0
Grade 11:
Third Place: Evan Daisy (Nashoba Regional) with a score of 28.25
Second Place: Michael Perrault (Nashoba Regional) with a score of 29.25
First Place: Matthew Warren (Groton Dunstable) with a score of 29.5
Grade 12:
Third Place: Lauren Duhamel (Groton Dunstable) and Samantha Farero (Groton Dunstable) with scores of 32.5 (This is the second time these contestants have tied with each other)
Second Place: Nathan Rasch (Narragansett) with a score of 33.0
First Place: Nicholas Pellizzari (Groton Dunstable) with a score of 37.25