Music: Five Lesser Known Artists You Should Know About

Written By: Marisa Chambers
If you’re like me, most of the “mainstream” songs played on the radio make you cringe. The few songs that are good get overplayed extremely quickly because they’re being played almost everywhere you go. Artists that are not constantly in the spotlight are arguably some of the most talented musicians out there. With the help of YouTube and Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists, I was able to compile a list of some (just to name a few) hidden gems in the music world. Here are some artists you may not know, but you should.
1. John Bellion
Singer/songwriter Jon Bellion has a mix of hip-hop and indie rock sound in his music. His unique voice and sound showcase his originality as an artist. He sings about his struggles with love, money, becoming an artist, and more relatable life issues. Spotify suggests listeners that are a fan of Halsey will enjoy Jon Bellion. He has recently released an acoustic album which seems to be getting him more listeners and making him more popular in 2016 than he has ever been.
2. Miss Fortune
If you like A Day to Remember or The Story So Far, you’ll definitely enjoy Miss Fortune. This punk rock band’s album “A Spark to Believe”, released in 2014 will not disappoint any punk rockers or warped tour goers. Lead singer Mikey Sawyer is very impressive in all of Miss Fortune’s songs with his killer vocals . Miss Fortune’s lyrics have a bit of an emo vibe, which is perfect if you’re in an “I hate my ex” kind of mood.
3. Harry Hudson
21-year-old hip-hop/pop artist Harry Hudson sings feel good songs that are perfect for your shower playlist. Harry is especially noteworthy because he is a cancer survivor, which he sings about in his album “The Treatment.” His humble attitude is a nice change from the negative image that the media gives many famous artists today. Plus, he isn’t bad to look at either.
4. (Hed) P.E.
If you’re into headbanging music and vulgar lyrics, (Hed) P.E. is for you. They’ve been around since 1994, making them a bit more well-known than others, but definitely deserve more recognition. Along with their hard rock sound, they also include some hip hop with some rapping in their songs as well. Their instrumentals are simply amazing, which seems hard to come by in today’s music with all the editing that is done. Their lyrics definitely seem like they have some rage built up, which makes (Hed) P.E. a great band to listen to if you need to get out some anger.
5. Fame or Juliet
This hip-hop group from Boston consists of three talented guys that definitely have the potential to make it big. Not only are their lyrics and raps incredible, but one of the members plays the keyboard making the flow of their songs even better. It isn’t as common to be in a rap group as it is to be solo, but the three of them sound too good together not to be collaborative. Fame or Juliet is perfect to listen to when you’re going for those long drives.