Student of the Month: Megan Gonzalez

By Michelle Gidney

Student of the Month Megan Gonzalez shows off the hidden spot she located. (photo by Michelle Gidney)

Megan Gonzalez, a sophomore at Fitchburg State, earned the title of Student of the Month by locating our hidden point on campus! Megan started off at Fitchburg State as an undeclared major and is now planning on going into Criminal Justice or Political Science this upcoming spring semester.

While Megan isn’t hitting the books she works on campus with the maintenance department, and sometimes with the athletic department. She currently resides in Mara 5 and while she has free time she likes to spend time with her friends.

Megan is originally from Ridgewood, New Jersey and graduated from Ridgewood High School. At home, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, and also works part time at a place called The Asian Grill.

Megan’s dream is to go into pre-law, and there’s no doubt she will go far with a cumulative GPA of 3.3. Here at FSU, Megan is also a student athlete involved in the track team. In the winter she does shot-put, and in the spring she focuses on disc, hammer, and again, shot-put. Megan is an overall successful person in school and will continue to be successful the future. She takes her grades very seriously and only wants and deserves the best she can get.

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