iPhone 6s vs. iPhone 7: What's the Difference?

By Holly Wentworth
With the iPhone 7 being released earlier this month, consumers of Apple have started to upgrade their old phones to the newest version.
However, this raises an important question: how much of a difference is there really between the the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7? Not being sure, myself, I did some research on Apple and TechRadar, a technology reviewing website, to find out. Then, I compiled a list of only the differences— not the similarities. This is what I found:

iPhone 7 iPhone 6s
Display Retina HD display with wide color and 3DTouch
625 cd/m2 max brightness (typical)
Retina HD display with 3DTouch
500 cd/m2 max brightness (typical)
Size/Weight Height: 5.44 inches
Width:  2.64 inches
Depth:  0.28 inch
Weight: 4.87 ounces (the only difference)
Height: 5.44 inches
Width:  2.64 inches
Depth:  0.28 inch
Weight: 5.04 ounces
Camera/Video Camera:
All-new 12MP
f/1.8 aperture
Optical image stabilization
Body and face detection
Quad-LED True Tone flash
Six-element lens
Optical image stabilization for video
7-megapixel photos
1080p HD video recording
Auto image stabilization
f/2.2 aperture
Face detection
True Tone flash
Five-element lens
5-megapixel photos
720p HD video recording
Cellular/Wireless LTE Advanced (up to 450 Mbps) LTE Advanced (up to 300 Mbps)
Battery Up to 2 hours longer battery life than iPhone 6s
Talk time (wireless) up to 14 hours on 3G
Internet use up to 14 hours on Wi-Fi, up to 12 hours on LTE, up to 12 hours on 3G
Wireless video playback up to 13 hours
Wireless audio playback up to 40 hours
Talk time up to 14 hours on 3G
Internet use up to 11 hours on Wi-Fi, up to 10 hours on LTE, up to 12 hours on 3G
Video playback up to 11 hours
Audio playback up to 50 hours
Headphones EarPods with Lighting Connector
Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter
EarPods with 3.5 mm Headphones plug
Cost Ranges from $650 to $850 Ranged from $560 to $760
Reviews FOR

  • Good low light camera
  • Water resistant
  • Double the internal capacity


  • Lacks clear upgrades
  • Same design used for last three phones
  • Battery life better but unimpressive

  • Great design
  • 3D Touch impresses
  • Stable OS


  • Battery life low
  • Live Photos don’t always work
  • Price high for a low resolution screen

While the iPhone 7 has a select number of new features and upgrades in comparison to the iPhone 6s, the research shows that these upgrades are few and far between. In reality, if you own an iPhone 6s, it’s almost the same as the new iPhone 7— even the size is identical to the previous iPhone.
The only significant differences that could be noted was the improved battery life and camera. Other than that, it’s best if we wait until the iPhone 7s comes out. Then, there is a chance there will be more upgrades over the iPhone 6. Either way, some of us have to wait for our two year contracts anyway.