Pokémon GO on Campus

By Mitchell Clark
The Pokemon Society is an on-campus club for enthusiasts of the Pokemon series and soon, it might be a good place to head for those who play the new Pokémon GO.
Dan Fallon, a PR coordinator for the club’s E-Board, said, “We have been talking with Niantic to see about getting a PokéStop right in the club room.” This would make it a great location to hang out and play, especially with the PokéStop right in Hammond building and an in-game gym for battling as well. One could also get in on the other possible activities for Pokémon GO that they have planned for next semester. The club is hoping to add Pokemon GO to their list of activities, while still focusing on the main series of games.
One of the current activities is what the club calls “Pokémon GO Walks,” which is a way to walk around campus with a group of fellow players to catch and chat while they play. It is a good way to both fill your Pokédex and meet a few new friends.
In addition, the Pokémon Society, and specifically Pokémon GO, have Facebook groups for those here on campus. While the club’s Facebook is exclusive for those who are apart of Pokemon Society, the group for Pokemon GO is open for anyone to post with updates or pictures relating to Pokemon GO and is a good way for people to get involved in a small way before deciding to join the club.
Pokémon Society was formed a couple years before Pokemon GO was released, but has been trying to keep up with the sudden popularity of the game since it became available in early July. The group has its current set of events planned for both this and next semester including movie nights, tournaments with food, as well as the year-long gym-leader challenge where members attempt to defeat all the gym leaders in Pokémon battles, then taking on the Elite Four, before finally battling the champion; a tradition of the club for the past couple of years. They are also planning a trip to New York, which will be free for all interested members. This presents an opportune time to explore the city, as well as understand how the group operates.
Peter Jack, the club’s vice president, stated that he had seen more people playing Pokemon GO that had already been players in the past, who were just getting back and excited to be introduced to it again. Club member Danielle Solomon, once a member of the club’s E-board, said that she had never seen the club so full and excited in a long time and partly attributed it to the fact both newcomers and old flames would join after sparking their interest in Pokémon again.
The Pokémon Society has a very pleasant atmosphere and would be a good place to visit, even just once, to get in on the aforementioned walks as all members are very inviting and inclusive; something that has only been made better by the influx of newcomers and those who played before.
If interested, the Pokémon Society meets in Thompson on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. They welcome everyone with any level of interest in Pokémon, from those who are just starting out with Pokémon GO to a full trainer in competitive play.
Screen shot of Pokemon Go . Photo  provided by Elizabeth Quansah.