Pay for pizza with OneCard

By Olivia Elliot

Pay for your pizza with a onecard!

Recent improvements to the FSU OneCard have truly made it the one card students will ever need. Thanks to a new BbOne off-campus merchant program, students can now use their OneCards as a means of payment at several local vendors, now even including pizza delivery.
“When the business signs up, they are given a OneCard reader which allows them to access the gold funds,” says Ted Godin, an employee at the OneCard office.
Godin describes the delivery process as very simple. All students have to do is call one of the program’s several vendors, make their orders, and read their student identification number.  When the order arrives at their dorm or house, students must present their OneCards as a form of identification and sign a receipt. The money they spent on the food is deducted from their Fitchburg State Gold account.
Amongst the vendors included in the program, students can order from Papa John’s, Campus Pizza, and Domino’s.
Ashley Robinson, a senior at FSU, says, “I was really happy when I heard about the new program. I think it’s awesome that we can use the funds on our cards to order food. We don’t even have to go pick it up. I love that you can do the whole process over the phone and not even need any cash.”
Since the program is relatively new, many students have yet to become aware of the deeper power of their OneCards. Freshman Renee Tourigny says, “I didn’t know about [the new program], but I’m glad I do now… I will definitely give this new program a try.”
For more information about this program, and a full list of participating vendors, please visit