Members of WXPL, Fitchburg State University’s radio station, are out to raise its profile.

By Dylan Carter
Throughout the years WXPL, Fitchburg State’s own campus radio station, has gone through many direction changes in an effort to rebrand itself during rough times. With a whole new E-Board it is a topic that has come to the surface again.
A new E-Board was elected before the start of the summer. The president stepped down early in the fall semester, leaving the club struggling and leaderless – until former equipment manager Luke Cardwell stepped up to the plate.
Cardwell walked into the position during a time that WXPL was really struggling due to lack of organization and collaborations.
When questioned on whether the club would take this time to change direction like previous times, Cardwell said, “Not necessarily. The direction we have for the club is the radio. We’re a radio station. I would like to take this club and advertise better and to get people to know what we’re about and what we offer and how beneficial it is to be a member.”
WXPL has seen plenty of these moments. This time is a unique one and left a lot of people on the edge of their seat. WXPL’s last major comeback was in 2010 when the E-Board decided it was time to rebrand the club to make up for the slumping late 2000s.
They did a great job at reviving WXPL with a whole new direction and got it recognized again, but it didn’t last too long and due to constant personnel changes among the board.
When asked about the challenges he has had trying to revive the club, Cardwell  said, “WXPL in the past has been very disorganized, not only leadership-wise, but [also in] filing. My challenges so far have been coming into a group that was disorganized and the office disorganized. I have to manage that, equipment, and being president which is my biggest challenge. I think I’ve done a great job.”
The station has used a variety of strategies to promote itself, the most effective being DJ Dinners in which DJs play music in the Holmes Dining Commons during dinner hours. While posters have been effective amongst other advertisements the DJ Dinners have always been a fan favorite amongst students.
When questioned on how DJ Dinners would fit into the station’s marketing plan this year, Cardwell said, “We just had ’90s night the other night in Holmes. The project is being headed by our vice president. We have interest and are looking for DJs who want to do it, probably on Tuesdays.”
Despite the bumps in the road, WXPL looks to pick back up and increase the popularity of the club and membership.
Students interested in being on the radio can go to the WXPL Facebook page and message the page.
To listen to WXPL, tune to 91.3FM or visit their facebook page for streaming info.