Love Your Melon Crew at Fitchburg State Helps Fight Childhood Cancer

By Madeline Mitchell
The Love Your Melon Campus Crew at Fitchburg State University was established during the spring 2016 semester by Grace Morrissey, who said, “I fell in love with the company and its mission.” The aim the crew is to promote the Love Your Melon brand, which raises funds for pediatric cancer research and families in need – a whopping 50 percent of proceeds – as well as providing a hat to every child battling cancer in America. Morrissey wasted no time in kick-starting the club. She said, “I rallied all my friends and teammates into it and I was just so excited about the whole entire campus crew program and everything LYM does.”

The FSU LYM Crew participating in a “Light Up The Night” Challenge (Photo courtesy of Madeline Mitchell)

Most famous for their cozy knit beanies, Love Your Melon was started by two college students who wanted to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer.  After the company took off, they expanded to over 700 campus crews across the United States. Now, they offer cuffed beanies, pom beanies, headbands, and an array of other products.
Additionally, these campus crews are sent out to children’s hospitals to deliver beanies – and they do it in superhero costumes. Last spring, the FSU LYM crew went on two local hospital visits to deliver these day-brightening beanies. Morrissey shared, “The two visits that we did were definitely eye-opening for me. A lot of crews do visits with kids that are pretty stable and healthy and the two visits we did were with kids that were really going through the thick of it all, so it was really an emotional but rewarding experience.”
FSU LYM Crew students Allie Serino and Niki Hallett during a hospital visit last spring. (Photo courtesy of FSU LYM Crew)

Today, Cyber Monday, everything on Love Your Melon has free shipping and a free surprise with every order. Remember to select Fitchburg State University at checkout – this results in the crew being able to go on more hospital visits.
You’re invited to check out the FSU Love Your Melon Crew’s Facebook page by clicking here and go to to order. Every order makes a difference in the fight against pediatric cancer.
FSU LYM student Madeline Mitchell showcasing the Aztec Blue Beanie