Community & Quidditch

By John Plue
Fitchburg State’s annual “Rock the Block” event on September 13th kicked off the academic year, with everything from Quidditch on the quad to free Tide Pods.
“Rock the Block,” an FSU tradition, is an opportunity for students to peruse campus clubs and organizations. For new students, it’s also an opportunity to commune on campus and search for a place to hone and showcase their talents outside the classroom.
Clubs use the event to showcase their talents and tenacity– some of which sprinkle a bit of magic in hopes of drawing in new members.
The Quidditch club transported students into the fantastic world of Harry Potter. Yells of “snitch” could be heard periodically, followed by a blur of yellow as a student dressed as the fictional game ball ran through the quad. Not far behind were two other students on broom sticks, diligently in pursuit. For Fitchburg State’s Wizard students, the club booth was available with information on how to join.
For students with a bit of pep in their step, the Dance Club offered a display of their talents, filling the quad with an energized routine. WXPL, the student-run radio station and another represented club on campus, introduced the performance.
While the energy and quirkiness on the quad may have drawn in students on its own, the promise of “free stuff” had its own appeal.
Housing and Residential Services offered students feminine care products, Tide Pods, and other necessary items for on-campus living. Students could also find stress balls, whiteboards and frisbees, among other items, to stuff in complimentary bags.
Food Services catered the event, serving students a variety of free food options including hotdogs and hamburgers.
While the pomp and circumstance of Rock the Block serves as an opportunity to energize students, clubs like the Black Student Union and the Gay-Straight provided an opportunity to inform and educate. The leadership of both groups similarly expressed their hope that students would embrace other cultures and people and ultimately build a sense of community all the while finding a place where they belong.
Correction: The Quidditch club was misrepresented as the Harry Potter Alliance. This was corrected on November 14th, 2018.