Put Your Best Paw Forward

Zeus the Therapy Dog (Kristin Schneider)

By Sylvia Aqyeiwaa
Does school work ever make you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Well, FSU has you covered with the all new therapy dogs.  Therapy Dogs are dogs that are trained to provide affection, comfort and love to people in hospitals, nursing homes, school, retirement homes, disaster areas, and are defined but not covered or protected under the Federal Housing Act or Americans with Disabilities. Therapy dogs visit the FSU campus at least once a month to comfort students in need.
A student named Brianne Cousineau says “The cute dogs put a smile on my face and make my stress relieved”, said Cousineau. Denise Yeboah, a sophomore at Fitchburg State, says “I have a friend who loves the dogs and is always talking about them, so one day I decided to try them out and see if she was telling the truth”. Denise said the dogs made her happy.“For a split second these dogs can put a huge smile on your face, and they always do cute tricks too and you can’t get over that”.
This event happens because people volunteer to bring their personal dogs to the school for students to pet them. The therapy dogs event takes place in Hammond Hall main lounge on the first floor, students are welcome to just walk in and pet the dogs. The people who organized therapy dogs are called ATD (Alliance of Therapy Dogs), they’re goal is to form a network of caring individuals who are willing to share their special dogs to bring happiness and cheer to people. There are usually about three or four dogs at the event depending on how many people volunteer to bring their dog. So the next time you ever feel stressed because of midterms, finals, etc. Therapy Dogs are there for you, the school sends email to ever student in the school so if you’re interested to let some dogs and relieve your stress, check out Therapy Dogs event on campus and don’t be afraid to bring friends with you.