Rec Center Offers New Workout Classes

Libby Eppy, professional fitness instructor FSU (Libby Eppy)

By Olivia Koravos
This spring semester, Fitchburg State University’s Recreation Center will offer free afternoon workout classes taught by Libby Eppy, a professional fitness instructor. According to Michael Hiltz, Staff Assistant at the Recreation Center, the facility stresses the importance of activeness for students, faculty, and staff. “We felt that by having Libby teach these classes we could stir some excitement throughout campus,” remarked Hiltz when asked about this new program.
These are group exercise classes that last about half an hour. For students who want to start working out regularly, Eppy suggests that they first try all of the courses offered and see which ones fit best. In addition, staying consistent and enjoying the workouts are key. For those who love cardio, Eppy recommends giving Turbo on Mondays and Country Heat on Fridays a go. Students who are looking to work with weights or tone up can attend Tuesdays classes for upper and lower body training. Thursday cardio and core is another option because according to Eppy, it will leave ones “abs screaming for more.”
Eppy created her class plan with student-health in mind. “I alternated cardio and strength with a stretch-based workout in between on Wednesday to give a really well rounded set of classes and so no one set of muscles gets overworked or too sore,” said Eppy. Additionally, she chose to finish each week off with a beginner dance class so they “can dance straight into the weekend.”
To get the most out of these classes, comfortable workout attire, a bottle of water, and sneakers are all recommended. A small snack before the class, such as an apple or a banana, is also encouraged by Eppy but not obligatory.
These classes take place in the aerobics and dance studio in the recreation center, are free, and do not require registration. They are gender inclusive and take place in groups. Eppy wants students to know that while “group fitness can seem intimidating if you have never tried it, my classes are also about fun and you should leave feeling like you had a great workout and a great time.”  
On Mondays, students can take a Turbo Kick class at 12:15pm. Tuesdays are for P90X Strength at 12:30pm, Wednesdays PIYO at 12:15pm, Thursdays P90X Cardio and Core at 12:30pm, and Fridays Country Heat at 12:15pm.