Magician Performs "No Lies" Only True Magic

Nash Fung, Corporate Event Magician

By Jaly Marquez
Nash Fung had a great energy on stage was actually entertaining to watch throughout the whole performance. His sense of humor kept the crowd of nearly 50 students engaged and laughing the whole time. Fung truly did have a few tricks up his sleeve as he showed us some original work that involved an audience member each time.
The students on stage helped with his act and the students were more than happy to participate as they were left in awe. More than once the crowd was left “ouuuu-ing” and “ahhhh-ing” and it had a lot to do with the stunts that Fung was able to execute on stage.
Fung, being quite young himself, was able to connect with the crowd on things like weekends out or even college schoolwork. He lightened the mood a few times by telling stories of his childhood in Hong Kong or even his gratitude and pride on being an immigrant.
Altogether the night was a success because never once did one of his magic tricks falter.
One of the students that attended the show, Akwasi Appiah stated, “I’ve never gone to a magic show before because I thought it’d be corny but it was actually a lot of fun.”
That quote seemed to resonate with a lot of people as Rahema Pauleaus, another student in attendance stated, “Yeah that was cool I wasn’t expecting all those cool tricks but yeah I loved how he kept picking people from the crowd, just happy it wasn’t me though.”
Overall Fung’s upbeat energy and charisma really made the night more than enjoyable and I’m sure he left quite an impression on many people and his audience.