SGA Election Results


-Peter Canova

The Student Government Association elections have come and passed, and the results are in. This year’s E-board will consist of Kerry McManus as president, Samantha Poole as vice president, and Joseph Cautela III as student trustee. Voting ended on April 22 and results were announced during recognition night. This will be McManus’s second year as president, as she also served in the senate the year prior. Poole also served on the senate, specifically working as the chair of the sustainability committee. Lastly, Cautela has experience in the senate as well as serving as treasurer for 2 years.

Since COVID-19 started, the SGA has struggled to perform with the same magnitude compared to what they’ve had to do in the past. McManus said, “I think that SGA has the opportunity to be extremely impactful to our student body, and this year, we have not had the opportunity to do so in the same capacity as past years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” In order to fulfill this goal, McManus is focusing much of her efforts on rebuilding SGA through recruitment this fall with a commitment to having a diverse senate in order to amplify all student’s voices.

Poole has similar aspirations with a focus on bringing the school community together in a post-pandemic atmosphere. Poole said, “I would like to create a space for clubs and organization members to share ideas for plans they have to promote networking and collaboration, something we have all been missing” through the pandemic. 

McManus has a specific goal for what she plans to do next year for the student body. While reviewing the student code of conduct this past semester, McManus found just how “confusing it was to locate and navigate university policies that directly impact students.” McManus plans to continue her research on the matter so students will not only have an easier time navigating the document but to “ensure that the student body has access to the supports that are already in place within the university.”

The SGA E-Board is committed to bringing the campus back together after a difficult few semesters. Students may have many questions as students come back to campus next fall, and Samantha Poole wants students to know that she is, “available to listen to questions or concerns they may have.”