“My Voice, My Platform”: Linnea D’Acchille

Julie Savone, Student Submission

Linnea D’Acchille is not your average student-athlete. D’Acchille is a senior biology major from Easton, NY. In 2019, she became the first female football player in Fitchburg State history. D’Acchille’s influence on the program has helped establish and build on the culture surrounding diversity and inclusion at Fitchburg State University. 

“Words can’t explain how lucky and grateful I am to have this experience because I know so many people have not,” D’Acchille said, “Having coaches and teammates that are so supportive has been the most helpful. This sport has helped me become mentally and physically stronger and I am looking forward to seeing more females playing football in the future.” The interesting thing about D’Acchille isn’t just her football abilities, but her recruiting process and how she discovered her unique talent.

It all started at Greenwich Central High School where she was a striker for the varsity soccer team and would later transition into a football kicker. She excelled on the field and took her talents to Hudson Valley Community College. 

In 2019, D’Acchille was recruited by Fitchburg State to transfer and continue her academic and athletic career. While playing football for the Falcons, D’Acchille has made a huge impact on the program. In just two seasons with the Falcons, D’Acchille has successfully made 88 percent of her kick attempts and continues to work on her craft as her senior season is almost concluded. 

“She’s an outstanding player who cares for her teammates and impacts them on and off the field,” Falcons Football Coach Scott Sperone said. “She exceeds the expectations.” 

For decades, Football was closed off for women but has become more accepting. D’Acchille has used her platform to empower women and girls to break the stereotypes, to be themselves, and follow what they love to do in sports and life. D’Acchille’s platform on and off the field will have an everlasting influence at Fitchburg State University, especially in athletics.

“Playing football especially as a female has helped shape my voice and identity”, she said.” I think being on the field every day has shown that women can do just as much as men and can do equally. Women have been discriminated against for a very long time in the game and I think it’s time we show we are just as good.” 

She uses her platform on the field in a positive way and “said she hopes to inspire young girls to break the stereotypes and never give up on what they want to accomplish.”

Beyond the field, D’Acchille plans on going into teaching or pursuing a career in forensic science. She is a member of the BioChem Club and even gets her teammates involved in the community service events such as picking up litter around the streets of Fitchburg. D’Acchille also helps her teammates with homework, studying, and supports them in any way they need. Being a team player and treating your teammates like family is a major aspect of being a part of the football program and D’Acchille continues to show her pride and leadership as a prominent player on the team.

Being a student-athlete has enabled D’Acchille to be an all-around better student and prepare her for the real world and life after college. These skills will help her prepare for real-life experiences and help her be the best person she can be after she graduates.