Makario’s Kitchen Opens Its Doors to Fitchburg State

Nick Barrieau, Managing Editor

After returning from Thanksgiving break, a brand new restaurant, Makario’s Kitchen greeted the Fitchburg State community in the building that formerly housed University Pizza. Located directly next to the campus townhouses and behind Miller Hall at 219 Highland Avenue, the building had been vacant since the closure of University Pizza during the early months of the pandemic. 

For months leading up to the opening of the restaurant, perceptive students have noticed work being done to refresh the building. Student Tim Foley described seeing changes to the Makario’s Kitchen building and stated, “I think seeing the slow change in progress was cool, and I kept wondering what they’d do next.” Foley, who lives in the townhouses bordering the restaurant added, “I’ll be curious to see how it pans out. I know that restaurants sometimes come and go in Fitchburg, so we’ll see what they decide to do differently to have a little more longevity.” 

Since the start of the current semester, some students have been missing the proximity and convenience formerly provided by University Pizza. When speaking about University Pizza and the benefits of the location, student Jack Doyle stated, “The location was unbeatable. To have a restaurant that is essentially on campus was awesome. Especially with the inconvenient hours of Dacca and Hammond, having a place open at night and on the weekends is crucial to the social life at FSU.” Doyle is eager to try out Makario’s Kitchen and added, “I’m hoping it’s a nice place to eat at with good hours and unique food to the options offered in campus.”

George Ibrahim of Makario’s Restaurant shared that the staff was absolutely excited to welcome students from Fitchburg State. “That’s why we’re here, to serve the students. Our prices are very competitive to match students’ budgets.” Ibrahim described the many dishes offered on the menu and how everything served is home cooked, from the food to the sauces. 

When asked what item on the menu he recommended to students, Ibrahim shared, “One of our very specialty items that is homemade is falafel. It’s very quick. It’s 100% vegan, gluten free, and mostly organic. They are very healthy and no breadcrumbs are added.”

Pizza fans need not to worry, as pizza is still available on the menu and is available to order by the slice or by the pie. However, Makario’s Kitchen shakes things up from former campus restaurants and also offers a variety of Greek foods such as lamb rice, kababs, gyros, and baklava. 

The website of Makario’s Kitchen describes the restaurant by saying, “We are serving irresistible comfort food. Our mission is to keep you smiling with every bite. Treat yourself to a feel-good meal today!” The feel-good attitude described on the website shines through with the service offered at Makario’s Kitchen. The staff were both friendly and accommodating and Makar Sodky, the owner and manager of Makario’s Kitchen gave out several free drinks and meals to celebrate the grand opening of the restaurant as observed during my visit. 

Makario’s Kitchen is open weekdays from 10a.m. to 8p.m., Saturdays from 12p.m. to 8p.m., and is closed on Sundays.