Annual spring dance show at Fitchburg State

By Christine Paradis and Wesline Simplice
Fitchburg State’s Dance Club plans to put the spring back in your step by presenting you with their annual spring dance show, scheduled for Thursday April 7th at 7pm and Saturday April 9th at 4pm, both in the Weston Auditorium.
“The spring dance show is the show of the year,” said Saindy Claude, a sophomore and instructor of the beginners Hip Hop dancers. Many of the dancers forgo performing at the winter show, she said, preferring to concentrate on the spring show so that the groups are well rehearsed. “Previous spring shows have been very exciting,” said Beatrice Varice, an alumna of Fitchburg State. “It’s good to see it all put together, it was fun to watch.” So what dance styles can
we expect to see at the show?
“There’s tap, modern, contemporary, ballet, jazz, lyrical, Irish step, reggae, Latin, African, street and advanced hip hop,” said Claude.
The price of tickets is $5 with a OneCard and $7 for the general admission, but you may want to bring a few extra bucks for other items offered at the show. They’ll be selling flowers, t-shirts, jackets, bags, and shorts to support the Dance Club, and a video of the show.
The show will be jam-packed with dance numbers, with 15 classes participating, including individuals doing numbers of their own. Though the show may appear effortless, a lot goes into preparing beforehand. The dance show is a popular event, with a number of students, parents, and staff in attendance. “I think it’s just fun to go see your peers and friends perform,” Brooke Garnick said. “It also gives people a chance to go to an event on campus with their friends, and the creative dances are really fun to watch. I’d recommend going to it, even just one, just to see what it’s like.”
Audience members say they have a great time, but for the dancers it is all work. Rehearsals are held twice a week, meeting either in the dance studio in Hammond, or the dance studio at the Rec. When asked what it takes to be a part of a dance club, Claude responded, “all dancers need to be determined.”
Tickets can be purchased at the door the night of the show. For more information you can check out the “Fitchburg State Dance Club” on Facebook or contact the Dance Club Officers at: [email protected] with any questions.