Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at Il Camino

By Colin Williams 

Youll find authentic Italian cuisine at Il Camino restaurant.

I set out to find the quintessential Italian restaurant in the area, and Il  Camino of Leominster was exactly what I was looking for. From the servers to the  dining area to the heaping portions of authentic Italian food, Il Camino was a great  experience, from beginning to end.
Il Camino Restaurant is an authentic Italian restaurant and to add to the  rustic Italian charm, fresh homemade pasta is made daily, and menu items originate  from original family recipes. Il Camino’s friendly staff and warm atmosphere really  make you feel at home, and allows you to create a custom made pasta dish, using  any combination of pasta, sauce and other ingredients to your liking. 
Due to the small size of the restaurant, I found the service to be very fast and  before I knew it, I had my dish of beef ravioli in alfredo sauce in front of me. If beef  ravioli in alfredo sauce is not one of your favorites, Il Camino also offers various chicken, veal, shrimp, and seafood dishes, such as veal cutlet parmigiana, shrimp  scampi and chicken piccata. There are several different types of homemade pasta  to choose from at Il Camino, including spaghetti, rigatoni, spinach noodles, whole  wheat noodles, cheese ravioli, meat ravioli, spinach ravioli, and gnocchi.  The staff  at Il Camino is also happy to accommodate those who are vegetarian or have gluten  intolerances.
For only $13 I had a heaping portion of fresh homemade pasta, and every  bite was as delicious as the first. I found the food to be so rich and decadent that I  had to take the second half home. The costs of other menu items are also reasonable,  with the veal cutlet parmigiana at $15, shrimp scampi at $17, chicken piccata at  $13, and various pasta dishes range in price from $7to $21.50. I would consider Il  Camino’s quality and price to be a very solid bang for your buck and only accepts  cash as a form of payment.
Il Camino serves lunch and dinner everyday has a children’s menu, offers  take-out services, and has a full liquor license. I was told that the restaurant could  accommodate seating for 40 or more, but calling ahead was strongly recommended.  With a family-oriented atmosphere, loyal regulars, a competent staff, and excellent  dishes, Il Camino Restaurant is a very good find. With a small location at 555 Central  Street in Leominster not too far from campus, Il Camino offers authentic Italian food  and atmosphere for a reasonable price.