Students compete in Mr. FSU competition

By Cassie Schull

Photo from Left to Right: Arthur Sabounjian, Kareem Woods, Tommy Karner, Josh Whipple, Ryan Jones.

On Monday, May 2nd, the Fitchburg Activities Board crowned Tommy Karner the first-ever Mr. Fitchburg State University.
Tommy’s performance in the dance routine and poses during the posing portion of the competition had the crowd laughing for more.  His talents included juggling and performing a monologue.  He even admitted to the audience that he enjoys talking to himself—a pre-recorded video of himself, that is.
Kareem Woods, earned second place with his dance moves and crowd interaction. His sun-screened body during the swimwear portion and smashing pink shirt during the formal portion of the show didn’t hurt.
Arthur Sabounjian, a man who could win any girl’s heart with his Pop-Tart making skills, won third place. Ladies, if you’re looking for a laugh, he can keep your spirits afloat with his James Bond moves, and matching floaties, flippers, and inner tube in the pool.
Evan Mendes, Zach Morin, Matt Claar, Brian Costello, and conjoined twins Josh Whipple & Ryan Jones also participated. The faux-conjoined twins performed a choreographed dance while joined at the hip, and magically sawed themselves in half during the talent competition. Evan Mendes had another notable talent: playing Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On, the song from “Titanic” on clarinet. Audience members sang the song and waved glow sticks to accompany the tune.
“These boys must be parking tickets because they have fine written all over them,” someone was overheard remarking during the competition.