'Spring-Provisation' is in the air


improv club
photo illustration by Jason Tester

By Kevin Boudreau
On Tuesday, April 10, Resolved will perform their annual spring show for the faculty and students of Fitchburg State University. But what is Resolved?
Well, it’s Fitchburg State University’s own student-run improvisational comedy club and troupe. After the success of their “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” performance in February, the members of Resolved feel confident that their spring show will be just as good as, if not better than, their previous performance.
“The ‘Whose Line’ show went phenomenally,” said FSU student Matt Ramsden, who is secretary of Resolved. He said his group was “very happy with the ‘Whose Line’ turnout – we had a great audience who gave awesome suggestions for scenes.”
For Resolved’s spring show, Ramsden advises people thinking about attending to “come to have fun – that’s what improv is all about, for both the performers and the audience.” He had a second bit of advice for the audience: “Come ready to laugh and with scene suggestions ready.”
FSU student and Resolved club member Morgan Leger says that things to expect in the spring show are, “for certain … different games and different attempts to get the audience involved.”
Audience involvement is a key to good improv, Leger said. “It’s always important to have your viewers active and intrigued with what you plan to do next, or the next joke you plan to say.”
Leger advises potential audience members to “expect the unexpected,” because “improvisational comedy is a form of free comedy that can either be simple and fun, or outrageous and dangerous.” 
Resolved member Tyler Trull agrees. “There is no way to prepare for an improv show,” he said. “Absolutely none.”
So when you walk through the doors for the spring show, Trull advises, “be ready for the bizarre and spontaneous.”
Resolved’s spring performance will take place at 9 p.m. on April 10 in Percival Auditorium.