Looking to find fellow commuters on campus?

Many flights of opportunity. (Photo by Lee Kennedy Co. Inc.)
Many flights of opportunity. (Photo by Lee Kennedy Co. Inc.)

By Josef C. Davis
Whether you are a freshmen or a senior, one thing can be challenging when you are a commuter, and that is what exactly is there to do? It can be a challenge if you are new to the area or do not know the area and are uncertain what to do.
Well, Commuter Affairs has been putting events together for several years now, not just targeting commuters, but anyone willing to come and join on campus. As Rebecca Lindley, the coordinator of commuter affairs and leadership says, “It is so people can meet.”
Three years ago the program really started, but not much happened. Now, they put about two events each week or eight to 10 a month. The events have been a major focus in the last few years.
On every other Thursday in the Hammond Main Lounge, another important event takes place known as Commuter Conversations. With an average of about 100 to  150 students taking part, they can sit down, eat a meal, and meet other people who are on campus. As Rebecca Lindley puts it, “If you only go to one event, this is the one to go to.” With almost half of the people on campus being a commuter, this event is a great way to get to meet a fellow commuter or resident for that matter.
Other types of events that take place throughout the semester are social events, which is how students can interact with one another. There are educational events, which in the past have helped teach students how to save money or eat healthy and other useful topics. The other main type being a volunteering event, so commuters can help the surrounding community by giving back.
Some of the main goals for the events are to do something fun that works with a commuters schedule and making it work for them. “It is important for commuters to get involved on campus to help their college experience and to network and form future connections,” Rebecca Lindley says.
They have done collaborations with clubs previously to help commuters get an idea to join a club. Some clubs that they wish will take part of it include, but are not limited to, the Anime Club, Dance Club, and the Outdoor Adventure Club.
A lot of work goes into planning the events in order to make them suitable and of interest not just to commuters, but to any member on campus. In some cases, planning for events can take up to a month before. For the first few months of the current semester plans for events started in the summer.
To learn of any upcoming events, the best and easiest way to learn is through the school e-mail each week. Alternatively, there’s the Facebook page at Fitchburg State Commuter Affairs or Twitter, @FSUCommuters If there are any questions then e-mail [email protected].