Campus Parking Becomes Chaotic As Snow Falls

Snow Removal
FSU Civic Center Parking Lot (Photo by Makenzie MacDonald)

By Makenzie MacDonald
Winter time can be constant struggle. Shoveling, plowing, sanding and salting, and cleaning cars, following major storms. Safety for commuters and pedestrians is dependent on a job well done.
When only a certain extent of the work is complete, like partially shoveled  walkways, sand on half of the sidewalk, inadequate plowing, dangerous situations can occur.
At Fitchburg State University many students have complained about the value-based maintenance when it comes to safety on campus after snow storms.
Though the job gets done, it does not get done as well as it should, much of the maintenance crew takes care of the snow the first day after snowfall. However after that, the roads and sidewalks stay covered with a layer of snow and ice until the sun melts it away.
The left over snow on the campus’ roads turn to slush, the salt and sand wears away allowing more ice to form, for students and faculty to slip on.
With about 48 percent of the students at Fitchburg State are commuters, according to the University’s website, the roads and parking lots are important to keep maintained. “My car slides turning into the parking lots or going around the corners in the parking lot, which could be dangerous because you could slide into other cars or even people walking” said Ashley Osborne, 20, a sophomore at Fitchburg State.
Poorly cleared parking lots complicate already limited parking on campus.“The parking lots can be a one big cluster because people park crooked and improperly, causing less parking,” said Mike Amblo, 20, a sophomore at the University, “Some professors said they had to park in other lots rather than faculty spots.”
The slush causes additional problems. Loss of traction causes cars to lose grip on the pavement and slide. The slush increases potential dangers that needs constant care to maintain the upmost safety for the University’s commuters.
This can lead to a higher chance of accidents, “there was a pedestrian crossing and because of all the slush on the roads my car wouldn’t get any traction and I almost hit a pedestrian,” said Kelli Lowthers, 20, sophomore, “Multiple days after the storm I’m still slipping around on just campus roads, not even Fitchburg roads,” the student continued.
Students on campus feel better, if more consistent maintenance is required to ensure their safety this winter season.