Snapchat The Point!

Technology is an ever growing world and we are proud to announce that The Point here at Fitchburg State has just grown one more step with it.
Almost every college student has some type of smartphone permanently glued to his or her hand. Sometimes it is used for texting other friends with the occasional classmate thrown in when homework has been procrastinated on and they need help. Other times they are used for taking selfies for Facebook or Instagram. The best times can be categorized with one word: SNAPCHAT
Here at The Point we are always looking for new ways to better ourselves and make ourselves more reachable for our readers, and we have achieved this by adding our own Snapchat. You can reach us easily now by adding Thepointfsu on Snapchat and send us all your funny wacky snaps at school. Whether it is the food at Daka or sitting in class waiting for your professor to show up, we want to hear from you.
Sometimes reading the paper can be boring and we want to change that. You can also submit ideas for articles you would like to read. Maybe there is an event coming up that you want to know more about or maybe a story about the tunnels. You send it and we will add it to our ever growing pool of story ideas.
Now beware, these snaps will have a screenshot taken of them in order to post to the Newspaper. If you would like to not have your Snapchat added to the post always remember to add #NoName to your snap. We are planning on having a weekly Snap of the Week where we will take what we voted on as the best snap and give a shout out to the person who posted it.
Remember that anything you send can be posted and we would appreciate if all submissions are proper. Wouldn’t want the wrong pictures to get posted of course. When you are walking around campus having fun and see something interesting or you are standing at the shuttle stop waiting for the little shuttle that could remember the words of the Chainsmokers: “But first let me take a selfie.”